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It is a commonly held belief that you must buy your Spectacles from the testing Optician, but this is untrue if you pay for your eye test or not. It belongs to you and is the law that you can shop around to choose your Spectacles from who ever you wish. Come and see our great selection of frames and prices before you decide. No matter if you choose to buy your specs from us or not, we guarantee the best possible guidance and price level.

We all have different taste and preferences and therefore it might be that your specific wish is not part of our assortment. If you have seen something you like, show it so us and we will gladly show you alternatives matching your preferens or simply Gide you to another store that might sell exactly the product you are looking for.

Do you need an eye test?

If you can say yes to any one of these questions, you might need one

Upper part of an eye chart in black and white

Have you had an eye test within the last two years?

Looking out the windshield of a car at night

Is driving at night tiresome with or without spectacles?

Eye with visible vains on person in black and white

Do you suffer from allergies such as irritated eyes?

No matter what your age, if you have not had your eyes tested within the last two years, you should schedule an eye examination. Even if you think that you have perfect vision, only a thorough eye health check can uncover a host of other health problems which may otherwise go undetected.

You may have an astigmatism. Lights may appear streaky and it may be difficult to perceive distances. An eye test will determine extent of the problem and the proper prescription spectacles or contact lenses to correct the astigmatism. If you already wear spectacles, you may need an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and reflections.

Eye-aggravating allergies can be a bother for as many as 10 months out of the year. Preventative measures to control allergy symptoms is only the first step. An eye allergy evaluation can help your optometrist to prescribe the correct medication to reduce irritation and itchiness.

Section of the eye explaining presbyopia

Do you find it difficult to read newspapers, restaurant menus and food labels?

Close up of an eye with glaucoma

Does anyone in your extended family suffer from diabetes or glaucoma?

Man holding his head and looking at a piece of paper

Do you experience headaches after prolonged periods of computer work or reading etc.?

You may be suffering from the effects of being long sighted. You will need spectacles or contact lenses for close work. If you have always had perfect vision and are 40 or over, you may be experiencing presbyopia. Ready readers may seem to correct the problem, but only a thorough eye examination will determine the correct prescription for both eyes.

If you have any relatives within your extended family that suffers from diabetes, glaucoma or any other genetic eye condition, it is important that you have frequent eye examinations to ensure early diagnosis and preventative care.

If you are 40 or over and you are finding it difficult to read small print, you may have presbyopia, or aging of the eye. Wearing ready readers may not be the answer, especially if each eye needs different correction.

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