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Eye examination...

An eye examination is more than an eye check - it's a quick painless and easy way of ensuring that you are fit and healthy. Did you know that by examing your eyes your Optometrist can tell if you have Diabetes or high blood pressure as well as Glaucoma or tumours which may otherwise go undetected.

The eye exam lasts around 20 - 30 minutes. Before checking your eyes, your Optometrist will ask you a number of questions about your general health and any family history of eye disease, your medication and your lifestyle. Your Eye exam will begin with being asked to read the letters on the eye chart. A small light will shine into each eye to check that the pupils are reacting as they should. The Optometrist will also test muscles controlling your eyes to make sure that your eyes are moving correctly in every direction without undue stress. Poor muscle balance can make tasks such as driving or using a computer very tiring.

Just bring your prescription...

Once you have had your eye test, bring your prescription along to Future Eyes and come and choose from our great selection of frames and prices. We guarantee we will beat any genuine like for like price and more.

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Eye Tests

Is it time for an eye test?

Answer the series of questions below to see if you need an eye test.

Have you had an eye test within the last two years?

No matter what your age, if you have not had your eyes tested within the last two years, you should schedule an eye examination. Even if you think that you have perfect vision, only a thorough eye health check can uncover a host of other health problems which may otherwise go undetected.

Does anyone in your extended family suffer from diabetes or glaucoma?

If you have any relatives within your extended family that suffers from diabetes, glaucoma or any other genetic eye condition, it is important that you have frequent eye examinations to ensure early diagnosis and preventative care.

Do you suffer for allergies?

Eye-aggravating allergies can be a bother for as many as 10 months out of the year. Preventative measures to control allergy symptoms is only the first step. An eye allergy evaluation can help your optometrist to prescribe the correct medication to reduce irritation and itchiness.

Do you find it difficult to read newspapers, restaurant menus and food labels?

You may be suffering from the effects of being long sighted. You will need spectacles or contact lenses for close work. If you have always had perfect vision and are 40 or over, you may be experiencing presbyopia. Ready readers may seem to correct the problem, but only a thorough eye examination will determine the correct prescription for both eyes.

Can you focus clearly on the television, road signs and other distant objects?

If not, it is possible that you are short sighted. You will need spectacles or contact lenses for distance vision.

Do you find driving at night particularly tiresome with or without spectacles?

You may have an astigmatism. Lights may appear streaky and it may be difficult to perceive distances. An eye test will determine extent of the problem and the proper prescription spectacles or contact lenses to correct the astigmatism. If you already wear spectacles, you may need an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and reflections.

Do you experience headaches after prolonged periods of computer work, watching television, reading or closework?

If you are 40 or over and you are finding it difficult to read small print, you may have presbyopia, or aging of the eye. Wearing ready readers may not be the answer, especially if each eye needs different correction.