...and you can try them all

There are so many different styles and types of glasses on the market today. Fact is, your specs are no longer just helping you to see better, they are slap helping you look better. To help you find the perfect brand or style for you and your lifestyle we hold a big assortment with leading high fashion products. All of them are on display for you to try and feel. Because even though looks are a big part of this cake, the fit ans feeling of your new frame is also a very important thing. In our stands you wuell everything from classics like Ray-Ban and Maui Jim to high end Italian fashion like Prada and Dole & Gabbana.

The names Prada and Milano encircled by a string
A parrot between the words Maui Jim

Italy has long been well known for there fashion and the field of frames is no different from the one of handbags or shoes. Prada is just one the big fashion labels that yearly provide us state of the art frames in sleek designs fitting to every occasion as well as trendy eye gathers that makes you the trendiest person in the neighbour hood.

Coco Song is another fancy Italian which has a special place on the eye wear market. With their eye catching, creative designs and they are a must collection to look at if you want your new glasses to stick out. the colourful and embellished frames are classic ones but sill they are also fun. In our assortment we find it a must to have something that brings more life and happiness to your face.

Another American giant in the more sporty field is Maui Jim. Ever since they launched their first collection arrived from in the states from Hawaii in the late 1980’s they have been a must in most well sorted specs shops. Not only do they produce frames but also high quality lenses in their state of the art lab located in the States.

A green crocodile above the name Lacoste
Gucci written on top of its insignia
A man playing polo on a horse between the words Ralph Lauren

From being a sport wear collection the famous green crocodile labeled brand Lacoste has reached a broader market. they do not only produce well adjusted sunglasses for sporty activities but also every day specs frames going well hand in hand with a busy lifestyle.

The house of Gucci contains more than drama and intrigues, they also are in top when it comes to Italian high end fashion. By delivering the latest trend wrapped up in classy styles and materials they are a top choice for many frame buyers. Classical frames that last a lifetime or the latest style for the trend sensitive fashionista all in one brand.

This American fashion giant is, and always has been, the face for preppy. The brand has still a strong connection to the Ivy-league schools on the east cost and they keep on delivering classy and preppy fashion in a styling and good quality wrapping.

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